Wildlife Rescue works for the welfare of birds of prey like eagles and owls. Located in Delhi, the NGO was founded by brothers Nadeem Shehzad and Muhammad Saud.

Wildlife Rescue was registered in March 2010.

Registered address:

2970, Shah Ganj, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi - 110006

Center & Office: 

C - 6/1, Street No. 9, Wazirabad Village, Delhi - 110084​​​





Two brothers are determined to preserve Delhi's struggling population of carnivorous birds

Mohammad Saud and Nadeem Shehzad, in their younger days and still in school, found a black with cut wound in the bird's wing. They took it to the most prominent bird hospital with the hope that the bird will find shelter and medical care it needs. To their surprise the staff of the hospital even refused to touch the bird saying that its a dirty bird as it eats meat and told them to take the wounded bird away. They both wandered around to look for some place  which can provide relief to the bird but find no place for it as it was a carnivore. Exhausted they left the bird on the same spot from where they picked it up and left with a heavy heart.

Over the year they used to see a lot of wounded kites in the street as paper kite flying is one of the favorite pass time for people of India and in Delhi, locals invest a lot of time in flying kites. The wounded birds were ignored by the brothers as they know there is no place they can take them to get them medical aid or at least a shelter for them.

On a fateful day of April 2003 they found an injured black kite in a parking lot of a park and this time they decided that this is enough and since there is no place to them then let it be our home for them. Since that day whichever bird of prey they found in distress, they offered it shelter in their home. A veterinary used asked to come to their home to have a look at he birds and the medical treatment was done according to the need. In March 2010, a charitable trust Wildlife Rescue was registered and later on it registered as a nonprofit organisation by the government. Wildlife Rescue is also registered under FCRA and is authorised to receive foreign contribution from abroad.

Every year Wildlife Rescue receives about 2,500 birds and perhaps it is the largest bird of prey rescue facility in the world. 











Mohammad Saud is a co-founder of Wildlife Rescue, he was passionate about helping animals in need since he was a child and use volunteer at animal shelters and rescue and care for animals on his own.
Currently he is managing Wildlife Rescue as a Managing trustee and president.



Nadeem Shehzad is co-founder and secretary of Wildlife Rescue. He has always together with his younger brother Saud in every rescue. Together they established Wildlife Rescue in 2010



Advisor: Law and Management

Mayank Vikas is associate with Wildlife Rescue since 2010. Helping in rescue and transport of birds to draft legal replies and taking take care of government registration and complying with government regulations. He is always there for Wildlife Rescue whenever there is need for him.
He has a master degree in law from University of London and Environment Planning form University of Michigan. Right now he is perusing his PhD from the University of Wisconsin.


Veterinary Assistant

Salik Rehman joined Wildlife Rescue from January 2017. He was an active volunteer of Wildlife Rescue and have helped in many rescues and care for the distressed birds. He takes care of all the inmates at our center and assist our veterinary doctor.

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Get in touch with Wildlife Rescue to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

2970, Shah Ganj, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi - 110006
C - 6/1, Street No 9, Wazirabad Village, Delhi - 110084


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2970, Shah Ganj, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi - 110006
C - 6/1, Street No 9, Wazirabad Village, Delhi - 110084

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